Frequently asked questions

We will collect or receive your pets at any time during our normal opening hours, which are currently 8am - 12pm and 2pm - 6pm, Monday to Friday and / or 8am - 12pm, Saturday and Sunday and Bank Holidays.
We now only provide dog boarding services. We no longer cater for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds or any other type of small animal.
You will need to bring your dog’s vaccination records and any medication which they need to take, plus a collar and lead and any toys you feel they would appreciate having with them.

While we provide everything else to make your pet’s stay a comfortable one, you are welcome to bring their own bed or special food if you wish.
We walk your dogs three times every day regardless of weather conditions.

Will he/she be walked alone or with other dogs?
All dogs are walked individually
You are welcome to drop in to view the kennels before making your booking. All we ask is that you make your visit after 11am to let us get our very busy early morning period out of the way.
We supply either a complete dry food or tinned meat with biscuits depending on your pet’s preference. We would ask you to supply any special food which may be required to ensure that special diets are correctly managed.
No, but we do keep on top of essential hygiene including giving your dog a bath as required.
Payment can be made either at the beginning or at the end of their stay with us.
No, but payment must be made in full (see above)
Kennel cough is a highly infectious condition which is actually picked up most commonly in everyday environments rather than, as the name implies, in the kennels!

Because of its infectious nature, it is required that your dog is protected against kennel cough at least 30 days before your booking and that you can provide confirmation of protection.
It is essential that all pets are fully vaccinated (with boosters up to date) for before we can accept them as guests in The Pet Hotel. Any new vaccination courses have to be completed at least ten days before your booking and you must bring your vaccination certificate with you so that we can keep our records updated.
We are happy to accommodate pets on medication. Just let us know when you make your booking so we can discuss any specific requirements which may be needed. Otherwise, simply bring enough of your pet’s medication with you to cover the length of stay and we will ensure that the medication is administered exactly as prescribed.